About us

Imagine, pursue, create and grow.

We are Javier and Pablo, two independent creators who complement each other. Javier is a photograher, sound engineer, musician and composer. Pablo is photographer, videographer, film director and graphic designer. We have been working together for years and now we have decided to unite our strengths and found FZERO.
We create media content in any way: photography, video, graphic and web design, social networks and sound.
If you are looking for a heartless or superficial company working just to pay the bills, we are not the right choice for you. We don’t drop big names or pretend to be something we are not. Instead, we love to develop ideas and grow together, taking your projects as if they were our own and working closely with you.

We are in control of the whole process: photography, filming, design and, very importantly, sound and original music. Since Javier is a composer himself, we create unique music for each project and we take care of the sound edition too.

This is what defines us.

Your project could not be in better hands.

We are FZERO Media.